About us

Traditional craftsmanship, quality and her characteristic design distinguish the work of  Ines Boesch.

After graduation of the textile design class at the School of Applied Arts in Zurich Ines spent many years traveling abroad. Finally the company «En Soie» brought Ines back to Switzerland and gradually handed her over the responsibility for the design. After more than a decade of working with this company, it was time to start her own business.

In the heart of the old town, a cozy alley leads to the shop «Ines Boesch & Co.», opened in 2002. A step into the door and we find ourselves in a world which combines uncompromising loving craftsmanship with the highest standards of quality. It is an enchanted, sensual and nostalgic world, where time seems to stand still. The handmade ceramics, jewelry and textiles all bear the signature of Ines. The opulence of this beautiful little world is complemented with the noble fragrances of the Florentine «Farmacia Santa Maria Novella», one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe.

Ines is committed to traditional craftsmanship and because of her strong identification with artisanal work, the process from idea to product is all in her hand and slowly developed. To push the limitations of the craftsmanship, in order to realize her own overflowing ideas, ist the secret of her unique products. Ines always turned her back on soulless mass production and likes to face the challenges of the old techniques. The nostalgia and the fact that beautiful and good things are vanishing, act as an driving force to create the wide range of products we can use to decorate ourselves and our world. Ines has long standing partnerships with excellent craftspeople in Italy, Poland, India and Switzerland. Her close collaboration and the strong bond of trust with her partners guarantees the quality of her products that meet the high standards of Ines Boesch & Co. The products are not seasonal – they form a collection. It consists of pieces which age gracefully and over time have been meticulously perfected, expanded and variated. The philosophy is that they should form a palette of beautiful things which can be collected over many years.