Our new jewelry series is centered around the theme of the circus, a playful place of magic and mystery, strength and beauty. Throughout history the circus has provided a space for women, where they could live out their femininity with self-confidence and power. It was a place that supported the unconventional, the unfamiliar, and the strangeness of humanity after all. The series shows various rose gold pieces as well as pieces of jewelry with a large variety of treasured semi-precious stones: Blue Tanzanite, Emerald, Aquamarines, Citrine and Prehnite stones.

The artist Zelda Boden poses with our “Kugel” earrings in yellow and white gold

Some progressive, urban women with our “Drop” earrings in Emerald, Aquamarine and Tanzanite

Lillian Leitzel was one of the greatest stars of the American circus. Above you can see her performing with our rose gold “Kugel” Earrings, a rose gold bracelet and some rose gold creoles

The legendary Alfredo Codona performs his stunt with our rose gold pendant

Two women flying around on the trapeze while admiring our “Drop” earrings with semi-precious Emerald stones

The extraordinary Francis Brunn juggles with our rose gold pendant

A powerful artist performs an elegant stunt on a horse with our “Maharana” ring (with a semi-precious Aquamarine stone) on top