As Christmas is approaching rapidly, we are happy to announce that our new “Schach” Collection is completed and now available at Ines Boesch & Co. at Weggengasse 6. While there are many shapes in this new collection that you might already know from previous collections, there are also a few pieces that are completely new such as the “Wellenvase”. Interesting about this new pattern is that is able to unite opposites: While the lines of the squares are painted in a remarkable precision, the squares itselves show a vivid, dynamic ductus. This collection is for everyone, for collectors that have been enthusiastic about Ines Boesch’s work for many years, but also for new customers that want to purchase their first unique IB & Co. piece.

“Schach” Krug (M), Flower Earrings in Rose Gold

“Schach” Krug (L)

“Schach” Cup (S), Rose Knit Jacke in Merino Wool & Silk, Flower Earrings in Rose Gold

“Schach” Ceramic Collection, Various Objects

“Schach” Krug (L), Turquoise Shawl Collar in Merino Wool & Silk